A Family Guide to Keeping Chickens

A Family Guide to Keeping Chickens

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How to choose and care for your first chickens
By: Anne Perdeau

This practical book takes you through the process of acquiring your first chickens and caring for them correctly. 

Chickens are an ideal family pet, requiring less attention than a dog yet being entertaining, productive and educational. For the family and would-be smallholder, chickens are the obvious first step when venturing into keeping livestock. 

This practical, full colour book, is ideal for the complete beginner. Even someone who has never kept animals before should be able to follow the clear, detailed guidance that is given at every stage. It includes: 

Planning for your first chickens. Understanding chicken behaviour. Choosing housing for different sized gardens. Choosing the right chickens for the job. Exploring useful equipment such as poultry feeder and drinkers. What to feed your chickens on. Buying your chickens and introducing them to their new home. Routine care for your chickens. Outfoxing The Fox - and other predators. Eggs - and What to do With Them. Dealing with parasites and ailments. Keeping a cockerel. Broody hens and hatching eggs. When Chickens Die. Chickens and the Changing Seasons. 

With true-life portraits of chicken keepers, little known facts, and personal anecdotes this accessible book is an easy and enjoyable read, suitable for both adults and children. 

About the Author

Living in rural Wiltshire, Anne Perdeaux has always had a keen interest in animals and the countryside. Her chicken keeping began almost by accident with a ready-made flock of twelve assorted hens and cockerels. Knowing little about poultry, but drawing on a lifetime's experience with animals, she began to find out more about these fascinating new pets.

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Published: 1st March 2014
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