About Us

Riverbend Farm in Margate is home to Tassie Bird and Poultry Supplies 20 minutes south of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia. 

My name is Susan and I have been breeding rare heritage breed poultry for over 20 years as a hobby.  I'm very interested in poultry genetics and love keeping rare breeds alive in Australia to a quality standard.

I have always loved chickens - for as long as I can remember!  There are so many beautiful breeds with amazing colours in their gorgeous feathers! and they all have their unique little personalities! and I find all the colour combinations fascinating.

Over the years I have had many different breeds of chickens.  Now,  I specialise in just a few selected breeds and I am also very passionate about avian species and care.

Part of my little shop is about educating people on husbandry and good chicken advice! I am very committed to animal welfare and enjoy educating people on how to care for their animals in the best possible way.

Over the years of owning poultry and birds, I noticed it was hard to find quality equipment, and bird and poultry related goodies locally, everyone seemed to stock the same goods and not much variety .... So after a lot of hard work and time spend researching the market and developing our new web shop, and I have opened Tasmania's exclusive bird and poultry shop in Margate,  "Tassie Bird and Poultry Supplies".  

I hope you enjoy shopping with us!