Chicken Guard EXTREME Locking Combi (Automatic Chick Door Opener Kit)

  • $365.00

ChickenGuard Extreme Coop Door combi Kit is our top of the range all automatic chicken coop door openers and includes a locking door.  The opener come with an extra powerful motor (4kg capacity – that’s 8 ChickenGuard doors!!!) and made to military grade standards for extreme weather conditions.

Highly recommended for areas of high rainfall (Far North Queensland), snow (Tasmania or Blue Mountain regions) or high dust/low rainfall.

The ChickenGuard EXTREME locking Combi Kit features:

– Set to open and close using the incredible light sensor OR inbuilt timer (most competitors are only light sensor activated)
– Programmable timer
– Adjustable light sensor
– Controller unit can be set up inside the coop
– No minimum or maximum door heights.
– Manually open & close the with simple press of the button.
– Low battery warning (included batteries last two years on average…. yes, seriously!!!)
– Door closed indicator visible up to 100m away
– Fully featured LCD display for ease of use.
– Full 3 year warranty on motor unit
– Powered by 4 x AA batteries (included) or electric powered via USB (cables not included).
– 4kg door lifting capability (that’s 8 ChickenGuard doors).

The main difference between this and the Premium Door Motor/kit is the strength of the motor and the ultra tough exterior housing to protect that motor.

Perfect for the shift worker, the family that wants flexibility to go away or maybe just the security of safe girls free from predator attacks


When you order this super kit, you will receive:

– One Extreme Chicken Guard motor box
– 1 x Aluminium Lockable Door – 25cm x 30 cm (10” x 12”)
– Runners Length – 59.5 cm (23.5”)
– 6 Stainless Steel Screws
– Snag resistant string

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