Birdkeeper Magazine Volume 30 Issue 11

Birdkeeper Magazine Volume 30 Issue 11

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Volume 30 Issue 10

Australian BirdKeeper Magazine, established in 1987, has been recognised internationally for its information and colourful presentation on pet and aviary bird keeping.

ABK also publish other bird publications that are available to bird magazine subscribers, bird breeders, pet bird keepers, pet shops and book shops in over 60 countries other than Australia.

Since the bird magazine's inception and the subsequent establishment of the bird publication series, an ever growing number of aviculturists, veterinarians, bird lovers and pet bird owners worldwide have become part of the stable of bird writers, contributors and readers of our bird publications, making ABK one of the world's most prolific supplier of aviculture literature and bird publications available today.

Anyone looking for quality and colourful information in a bird publication should subscribe to Australian BirdKeeper. Apart from being a popular bird breeding and aviary bird magazine Australian BirdKeeper is also highly regarded as a pet magazine and includes a regular column by Jim McKendry called Pet Parrot Pointers. Other bird behaviour experts write regular articles on all aspects of pet bird issues.