Dine a Chook Twin Cup Compact Automatic Drinker

Dine a Chook Twin Cup Compact Automatic Drinker

  • $129.95

Automatic Chicken Waterer 

Ducks cannot eat food without water, and most of the adults consume a litre every day. Chooks consume about half that amount, according to the Australian Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. The lack of cool, fresh water can mean the end of a flock of backyard fowl. Chooks may live for a week without food, but dehydration can cause their demise within a day or two. Ensuring a steady supply of water, our automatic chicken waterer assures you that your birds have plenty to drink.

Choosing a Quality Product
Do-it-yourself products are not equal to this profesional unit that is made by hand in Townsville, Nth Queensland. We use the highest quality Australian engineered and manufactured high impact PVC, and we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Our design features conveniences that make daily maintenance unnecessary. Our automatic chicken drinker uses a high pressure valve to maintain a perfect water level, and it carries a two year warranty. Cleaning the twin cups every two weeks is the only maintenance that you need to do.

Incorporating Proprietary Design

The highest quality of material makes our pvc chicken waterer durable and capable of providing trouble free service for many years. Features that make the drinker uniquely superior to any diy chicken waterer let you shed concerns about its reliability. Our professional assembly of superior components delivers satisfaction. After the initial set up, you have no need to monitor your auto chicken waterer daily.

Our proprietary design features lubing cups with an upgraded, Australian produced float. We offer an option that lets you chose a model containing two poultry drinker nipples instead of the lubing cups. Our goal is to provide a product that suits your preferences as an active person who enjoys going away without worrying about the health of your chooks.

Completing an Easy Installation

Your new drinker contains mounting hardware and everything else that you need for operation after you supply water pressure. We recommend that you select a 12mm garden hose of high quality so that it can withstand constant pressure. We include a stainless steel hose clamp that you affix according to instructions to ensure a secure connection. As an alternative to using a garden hose, you may consider installing copper pipe at the unit features a standard 1/2" Male BSP Treaded outlet.