Dine a Tastic Dried Mealworms 80g

Dine a Tastic Dried Mealworms 80g

  • $9.95

eatures of Dine a Chook Dried Mealworms

  • 100 % Natural Dried Mealworms

  • Free from preservatives and other additives

  • A top quality source of protein

  • Contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals for health and growth

  • More convenient than live insects, Dried Mealworms also 5 times as much protein as live worm equivalents

  • Keeps fresh for over 12 months in the convenient resealable pack  

Mealworms are part of a balanced diet for: birds including chickens, poultry and wild birds; reptiles and amphibians; fish; omniverous marsupials and rodents; and other pets.

Typical analysis 

  • 53 % protein

  • 28 % fat

  • 6 % fibre

  • 5 % moisture

Recommended Use

Dried Mealworms fed daily to pets are:

  • Part of a balanced diet, providing protein and nutrition

  • A healthy treat or reward for training

  • Encouragement to forage 

  • A performance improving supplement for moulting, breeding and laying birds 

Dried Mealworms can also be used to attract birds and wildlife to your yard.

Always provide access fresh water in order to aid the digestion of dehydrated foods. Dine a Chook Mealworms are also suitable for rehydrating - instructions are available from our Learning Centre. For the longest shelf-life, store in a cool, dry place. This product is not intended for human consumption.