Foragewise Daffy for Taffy

  • $29.95

Natures Instinct Daffy for Taffy a fun, interactive foraging toy for your parrot! Your pet bird will be occupied for hours working to solve the puzzle and access the hidden treats.

Insert treats from the bottom, turn upside down and tilt back and forth until treats reach the end of the tubing. Return to upright position and hang the toy in the cage. Let your parrot solve the puzzle by rocking the device until the treats funnel through the maze and can be retrieved. Colorful beads make an interesting sound and capture the attention of parrots just learning to forage.

Daffy for Taffy Will:

  • Satisfy your bird's daily need to search for food
  • Teach your parrot through positive reinforcement
  • Encourage your bird to solve problems
  • Relieve boredom and aid in building self confidence
  • Effective treats for this puzzle/foraging toy include: Almonds and Shelled Sunflower Seeds

Used by Medium to Large size birds, see species list below under Additional information.

For beginners try filling half way.

See measurements and species suitability below under Additional