Ladder Just Naturals Extra Large

Ladder Just Naturals Extra Large

  • $59.95

Ladders are wonderful parrot cage or playstand accessories. These natural ladders have rungs and spacer beads made up from hard-waring, all natural and safe Australian hard wood direct from the tree (chewy, shreddable bark and all) making it a uniquely Australian parrot ladder. 

Being based on annealed stainless steel wire not only provides optimum durability but also allows you to kink or curve the ladder to fit exactly how you want it. 

This extra large parrot ladder measures 1m long and 17cm wide, has 7 rungs with an internal measurement between the rungs of 12x12cm - perfectly sized for birds climbing in and out and up and down.

Sturdy, great excercise and comforting to the feet these beautiful ladders make perfect parrot cage accessories.

The Just Natural Bird Products brings nature into your bird’s living room. Absolutely all metal components are stainless steel making it safe at all points of destruction for your parrot to chew.

Dimensions: 1m tall x 17cm wide. Rungs approx 40mm (1.5") diameter. Space between rungs = 12x12cm. 

Bird Size: Large Cockatoos and Macaws.

Brand: Just Naturals




Price: $59.95