Macaws—A Complete Pet Owners Manual

Macaws—A Complete Pet Owners Manual

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Macaws—A Complete Pet Owners Manual


This 94-page colour book by long-time breeder Roger Sweeney presents concise details on everything about the purchase, housing, care, nutrition, handling and behaviour of companion macaws. 

It is important to understand the anatomy, traits, temperament and nature of these highly sociable and intelligent South American species if you wish to keep them successfully. 

There is much preparation to be done before introducing your new pet into the household, including housing and dietary considerations as well as establishing a timetable for attending to your pet macaw’s needs, training and enrichment. Some macaw species will be better suited to particular environments and situations than others. 

How do you handle and restrain such strong birds? How do you safely transport them? What are the techniques for beak and toenail trimming? How do you limit stress and maintain good health and hygiene? These are vital factors to consider and understand in the daily responsibility of caring for your pet bird and each is explained in this text. 

A balanced diet is essential to ongoing good health and is covered in its own chapter, as is health care.

While primarily a text for the companion bird owner, this excellent reference book also includes a chapter for the breeder, with an overview of sexing, record keeping, pair bonding, nest boxes, egg-laying, artificial incubation, handrearing and weaning. 

Finally, the chapter on species explains the differences between the genus Ara, Diopsittaca, Andorhynchus and Cynaopsitta.