Peckish Duck Pellets 18kg

Peckish Duck Pellets 18kg

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Peckish Duck Pellets are specially formulated with high levels of protein and energy, to encourage top performance, egg production and fertility rates. These pellets are perfect for laying and breeding ducks in a domestic, non-commercial setting. Peckish Duck Pellets are designed to be a ration for performance, and contain added calcium, phosphorous and trace elements for optimum eggshell quality and overall wellbeing.

  • Duck pellets
  • High in protein and energy
  • Promote top performance egg production, and fertility
  • Perfect for non-commercial laying and breeding ducks
  • Added calcium, phosphorus, and trace elements

Amount of feed varies between duck to duck, and is affected by age and condition of bird. Due to being a higher protein and energy ration, no supplementation is required. Recommended feeding range is 150-250 grams per day per duck.

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