Planet Pleasures Rainbow Pinata Diagonal XL

Planet Pleasures Rainbow Pinata Diagonal XL

  • $32.95

Your companion bird won’t know where to begin. The bright and colorful fibers will grab their attention right away. You will find them climbing and swinging from these toys looking for a spot to begin. All the exterior tabs make great footholds and easy chewing.

Using this toy as a teaching aid you may be able to teach your bird the four colors on each toy. Remember to put the toy away between training sessions so that they will remember what you are teaching them. Pretty soon they will be able to go and get you a red piece of fiber from the toy.

These toys are made entirely by hand. All the materials used are directly from nature, hand selected and processed for durability. Dyed with food-grade dyes they are bird safe. The toys themselves are woven by hand to ensure a high quality chewing and shredding experience for your pet bird.

All the materials used in these toys have been responsively harvested.

Made exclusively of hand selected, processed, dyed and woven natural materials.