The Finch Keepers Recipe Book

The Finch Keepers Recipe Book

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The Finch Keeper's Recipe Book by Peter Roy James........ For the Birds !

"For as long as finch breeders have gathered to talk about their birds, high on the agenda has been what they feed the birds. Some remain guarded about their secret potions. Others have freely shared their diets in the hope of encouraging other breeders to emulate their own success.

In this work, Peter James has skillfully managed to prise these recipes from a wide range of experienced breeders. This unique book provides the reader with a great variety of nutritional recipes. I commend this book to all keepers and breeders of finches " Russell Kingston OAM.

A Collection of 52 recipes obtained from various Finch Breeders presented under the following headings:

# Water.
# Seeds :16 Recipes including Hard, Sprouting, Boiled, Microwaved, and Milk Seeds.
# Grits.
# Soft Foods : 16 Egg and Biscuit Recipes combined with various Ingredients, as well as a No Egg recipe.
# Greens and Vegetables.
# Cakes and Breads.