Vetafarm Psittabed Parrot Bedding

Vetafarm Psittabed Parrot Bedding

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Formulated Parrot Bedding

Odour Inhibiting
Moisture retaining

Parrot nesting material cannot be just anything thrown in the bottom of a log or nest box. Think about what nesting material is designed to do! In nest boxes or brooders the baby bird requires a very specific environment.

In the wild, parrots nest in hollow logs filled with decomposed wood and insect castings. The fine nature of the material makes it water absorbing and the natural wood acids actually reduce bacterial multiplication.

Vetafarm’s Natural Psittabed is created from processed, high country, pine bark and a Queensland natural earth.
After partial drying, a fine natural earth is blended with the bark. The unique properties of the natural earth allow ammonia and other toxic waste materials to be removed from the nest environment via a process called “cation exchange”.

By maintaining a low pH environment (about 4.5), the Natural Psittabed, restricts the growth of bacteria (especially Salmonella) and fungi within your nest boxes and brooders.

Maintenance of humidity is very important for baby birds. Young birds dehydrate very quickly in a dry environment. Natural Psittabed retains moisture in it’s micropore structure to maintaining the perfect humidity for your chicks.

People who are hand rearing will immediately notice the reduction in smell coming from the brooder box. This is because the absorbent bark and natural earth grab and bind the toxic ammonia, stopping irritation to birds and people alike.