Green Valley Grains Open Range Premium Layer Mix 20kg

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20kg size NOT AVAILABLE ON AFTERPAY - NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING (Available in store pick up and click and collect locker collection only) 

Green Valley Grains Open Range Premium Layer Mix is a premium quality poultry breeder and layer scratch mix, formulated to be fed to all classes of poultry from point of lay.  Contains added ProN8ure multi strain probiotic for improved gut health and overall health of the bird.


GVG Premium Poultry Mix is designed to be fed alone, with no extra supplementation required. This high protein mix provides quality energy, fat, and protein with the unique addition of ProN8ure multi strain probiotic.

Ingredients: Black sunflower, sorghum, wheat, cracked lupins or cracked peas, cracked maize, triticle, lucerne chaff, shellgrit, concentrated protein pellet (vegetable), oil/molasses and Protexin live probiotics

Crude Protein: 18%

Also available in 5kg