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  • Looking for information on how to care for your parrots or poultry?
  • Need more information on healthcare and husbandry?
  • Wondering what you can feed your birds? or what may be toxic?
  • Perhaps you are looking for more information on hatching or brooding?
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Are you thinking of some new pets? not sure where to look for information on what may suit your family? perhaps you are experiencing some problems with current pet and need some information to help with a current issue, or wish to arm yourself with some research to prevent future problems.

We offer loads of advice to our customers on a daily basis in our retail outlet located in Margate Tasmania, but have increasingly found the need to document information to provide to our customers to read at their leisure.

I have spent years compiling this information so new and potential backyard chicken keepers and bird owners can find a lot of the information that they need in the one place. This information is always been added to, tweaked and updated as my personal and professional interest and knowledge grows. Our "Helpful Information" page is in a handy place so you can find it easily, or share it for your own reference.

It is important to note that I am not a vet or trained in any level of animal care. The information written herein is a combination of my own experience, my opinion, information that I have learnt from others more experienced than myself, including but not limited to licensed veterinarians and various forms of research. (Click on each link to view information on each topic)