Hyline Pullet Enquiries



Thank you for your interest in our Hyline pullets. Please read the following information before registering to purchase. The information contained below answers pretty much every question we are asked, and it is important you understand our process and conditions of sale before proceeding to register to purchase. **Please read all the information provided on this page before booking with our business. It is particularly important to read the information provided regarding the boxes you are required to bring with you (if choosing to bring your own) and the nutritional requirements our birds require** 

Our booking system is simple and easy to follow:


We have an allocated amount of birds available each week to offer those that pre order. The birds we will have available by our ore order system are between 16 - 20 weeks and starting to lay or not far off laying.

Appointments are available for collection of birds on Friday/Saturday's each week.

Every Wednesday morning the booking page will open to allow you to book for the following week collection. This is currently being done on a week by week basis only. Bookings will remain open until our allocated amount of hylines for that week have been spoken for. Dates are very clear on our calendar booking system. 

*BULK ORDERS: For customers requiring 10+ hylines on one collection time please contact our business on 62671554 to order



Our Hylines are $46 each and fully vaccinated.

You will be required to pay a $25 deposit upon booking (we accept paypal only for booking deposits), and the remainder of the balance due at the time of your appointment (cash, eftpos facilities available) 

The $25 deposit is non refundable and non transferable if you cancel your appointment.  You will be transferred through to Paypal to make the booking deposit upon selecting your appointment time.  


Registration is simple. Once you have read through this information on this page, and you are ready to book, please click the button at the bottom of this page and it will direct you to our booking page.  If our bookings have filled for the week, you will be advised when we reopen the booking system. 

The only method we can take a booking for hylines is through this website. You will be required to pay a deposit of $25 for your booking.  Payments can only be accepted with a PayPal payment. You will be redirected to Paypal to make payment on your booking deposit upon selecting the appointment date and time.  Please ensure that you receive your booking confirmation before closing the page to ensure your booking is received correctly.

     "What happens if I dont have Paypal?" Unfortunately this is the only                    method we can now take bookings.  please check with a friend or relative              that may be able to assist you.

We are hoping our pre booking process makes birds available to all that are wanting them, in a fair and stress free way and offers you all the information that you require prior to purchase.

It is important that you arrive on time for your appointment and you bring with you the correct type and size of boxes/carriers to take your new pets home in if you are not choosing to purchase our available boxes.

Our booking system offers various booking times you can choose from on Fridays and Saturdays each week.  Each appointment allows a 1/2 hour allocation. Please attend your appointment at the appointment time booked (not within the 1/2 hour timeframe!) 



Pre- Covid we offered our hylines in our store for customers to just pop in and purchase when they wanted them, many customers would be disappointed when we had sold out for the day and were not re stocking until the following week (our hylines are grown and raised off site and brought to our business for your appointment). Some customers may have travelled some distance to purchase and were extremely disappointed to find we could not help them on arrival. We have found many customers find our registration process simple and love the knowledge that we will have the correct amount of birds available for them at the time their appointment is arranged and can pre prepare for their new pets.


Needing supplies for your new pets? no problem! we are Tasmania's exclusive bird and poultry supply shop and offer the very best range of products at the very best prices, along with the very best advice on how to care for your new pets! We would love to help you with all the supplies you need. From chicken coops to bedding, worming and lice and mite control, nesting boxes, feeders and drinkers to the correct diet for your new pets... we have the lot! 

We offer multiple ways to shop with us (Online, Instore, Click and Collect) and offer a full range of take home brochures on how to care for your new pets moving forward.

*It is important to note that hylines require a very specific diet to stay healthy and have a very different nutritional requirement to heritage breed poultry. We have noticed many customers have pre purchased feed prior to their appointments and have purchased feed that is not suitable, please take the time to read the provided information in order to ensure you are aware of what we recommend. All our recommended products are available to purchase at the time of your appointment or prior at our retail store.  To see our recommendations CLICK HERE

Hylines that do not get a high protein meat based layer pellet adlib will develop health problems due to nutritional deficiencies, and can lead to fatalities. Not all "high performance" or "high protein" feeds are meat based (some are vegetarian protein) and it can be confusing to the consumer, we can discuss this at the time of your appointment, or please call our business to discuss prior.

TOP TIP: Typically the health issues hylines will experience if fed the incorrect diet comes in the form of egg perotinitis.  Birds stop laying or have trouble laying regularly, egg deformaties and other health problems can also occur, even fatalities. Nutritional deficiencies build up over time and are very hard to rectify once they occur, which is why it is important to feed them right from the beginning. 

ARE YOU A FIRST TIME CHICKEN OWNER? We understand you may need information regarding supplies required for your new pets and may have questions on care moving forward. You may be unsure of what you are needing and we are happy to assist. All the answers to the common questions are contained on our checklist - SEE OUR SUPPLIES CHECKLIST HERE The "Supplies List" contains click links to all the products we stock on our online shop and retail store in Margate, this enables you to browse at your leisure from the comfort of your home if you wish to do so before attending your appointment.
We also offer you some free take home brochures on how to care for your new pets moving forward when you collect your new pets at your appointment. We pride ourselves on offering the very best advice and will happily answer any questions you may have. Pop in for a chat if you wish to discuss keeping chickens prior to ordering if this suits you best! Our business hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 4pm

Our business offers suitable boxes for our customers to purchase to make collecting your birds much easier than trying to source your own suitable boxes.  

Some customers found sourcing suitable boxes difficult, 

so we now have "Chicken Boxes"  available at the time of collection if required.  

Boxes will cost $5.00 each and will accomodate 2 birds per box

(there is no need to pre book boxes, we have these available at all times)

If you wish to bring your own boxes they MUST comply with our specifications.  IF YOU WISH TO BRING YOUR OWN BOXES CLICK HERE TO READ BOX SPECIFICATIONS

*Customers that do not bring suitable boxes will be required to purchase our available cartons or refused sale



Lastly .... some final words before ordering your new pets!

1) We only have birds available for customers that have pre booked through our online booking system. 

2) You cannot change the quantity of birds or the appointment time after registration is complete and confirmed. If you wish to discuss this further please contact our business on 0362671554 in our business hours.

3) We do not recommend introducing one bird to a existing flock and therefore we do not offer registrations for one bird.  Chickens are flock animals and only do well in a flock environment.  Generally if one bird is introduced to a existing flock that bird will be "outlawed" from the flock indefinitely and often bullied by the remaining flock members.  We recommend a flock of 3 or more birds for the best wellbeing of the animals.  With this in mind, our business will not offer the sale of one bird in any circumstances. 

3) We cannot hold birds. They will be ONLY be available on the day that is listed in this post each week at the appointment time we arrange with you.

4) If you wish to order 10 or more birds a deposit of $100 is required at the time of ordering.  Our business will contact you on the mobile number provided at the time of registration for the deposit payment by credit card.

4) CANCELLATION POLICY: We have a strict cancellation policy due to the fact our birds are bred offsite and only are available at our business for the appointment scheduled.  Birds are ordered in advance and therefore cancelled appointments need to be rehomed quickly as we do not have facilities to house uncollected birds on our premises.  Once registered and an appointment time is offered, you are then committed to collect your purchase at the time arranged. Please be mindful of this when completing your registration booking.

Cancellations will incur a $25 cancellation fee.  The deposit paid at our booking process will be withheld as the cancellation fee upon your cancellation.  If you wish to cancel your appointment you will be required to contact our business on 0362671554 within our business hours only. 

Any appointment times that are not adhered to (no show) at a time that is scheduled will not be offered birds from our business in the future. 

By submiting your registration you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of sale as listed on this page, and therefore it is our right to refuse sale to person(s) that do not follow our guidelines. Person(s) that do not follow guidelines on multiple occasions will be refused sale on birds in the future and further registrations will be not be accepted.



Please give careful consideration when purchasing our hylines that you are prepared to offer a suitable home for them lifelong rather than purchasing on a whim. Hylines require a high protein diet and will require a number of health checks throughout the year. To read more about hylines - click here to consider these important facts

We take great pride in selling healthy, happy birds, however we have no control over live animals once they leave our property and therefore we do not offer returns, exchanges or refunds on live animals.