Wanting to bring your own boxes to collect your new pets?

If you wish to bring your own boxes they MUST comply with the below specifications. Customers that do not bring suitable boxes will need to purchase our available cartons or refused sale


Sadly this needs to be said in a more forceway and direct way than we have previously written guidelines on as our staff have become increasingly horrified on what people are expecting our staff to put live animals into to take home, and as a ethical business this is one thing I will not be negotiable on, and stand very firm on. This not only puts our staff in a very awkward and upsetting position, customers have become increasingly abusive and argumentative when we have needed to refuse sale due to customers refusing to read the information below and arriving with carriers we have clearly noted as unsuitable.  

I cannot emphasize this enough: the way a bird is transported dictates how well that bird moves forward with how that bird settles in to the new home. Incorrect transportation can cause a large degree of stress on a bird, and stress can be fatal. Incorrect transportation can cause injuries to birds and fatalities. 

As a business, we also have transportation laws we need to obide by with regards to the transportation of live animals. 

A bird that has been stressed can suffer health problems and ongoing laying issues, so please read the following carefully before continuing your registration:


Please see our examples above in picture form on what is acceptable (with green tick)

It does not have to be difficult or complicated but it does need to be suitable, and it DOES need to be the measurements (or larger) listed here in our guidelines.

THESE GUIDELINES SUIT FOR TWO BIRDS for a local journey; those travelling extremely long distances or expecting longer durations of time in transport (over 45 minutes) will require larger boxes with adequate ventilation. 

 Please contact our business on 62671554 if you are unsure or wish to discuss what is required



A box that can contain two or more birds together. Height of the box is just as important as width and length. For two birds the ideal box size is:

60cm L x 40cm D x 50cm H

(see pictures above) Boxes require a lid that can be closed by our staff easily we cannot tape extra bits on, tie cable ties, and blankets and towels are NOT acceptable as tops!


Pet carriers and animal crates with solid bases of the dimensions listed above


We now have boxes available for purchase at our business if you do not wish to bring your own suitable boxes. Our boxes cost $5 each and will house 2 birds for transportation 


What is unsuitable transportation?

our staff will refuse sale if you bring any of the following (please see pictures above marked with red cross)

X Reflex paper boxes, wine boxes (too small!) boxes  are required to be the sizes listed left in the acceptable sizes suggestions or larger

 X Feed bags

 X Possum/animal traps

 X Plastic crates or metal boxes such as toolboxes

 X Crates that require blankets or something (rope, cable ties) to be tied to contain birds

X Small boxes shorter in height than 40cm in height - 

    please see accepted box size above

When considering what to bring to carry your birds home in, please consider you are transporting live animals, not a plant from a garden centre or nuts and bolts from a hardware shop! The box needs to be a safe and sturdy box to house two full sized hens TOGETHER. 

Birds travel better if we can fit two birds together in one box, and here are some good examples (above) - these suggestions are to suit 2 birds in each box, you will require one of these for each lot of two birds you are wishing to purchase

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