Dine a Chook 3.5lt Feeder

Dine a Chook 3.5lt Feeder

  • $69.95

The wait is finally over! 3 Years planning, 18 months in development and thousands of our original ‘One of a Kind’ PVC Chicken Feeder sold all over the world. 

Biggin Pty Ltd is proud to announce the release of our all new and 100% Australian made Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder.

Featuring outstanding innovations, which have been developed through countless hours of hands on production and most importantly listening to feedback from thousands of customers.

100% Designed and Manufactured in Australia. Fully injection moulded in Brisbane Queensland. Hand assembled in Townsville, North Queensland. Quality is paramount!



This Package Contains – (see above image)

1 x Dine a Chook 3.5 Litre Feeder – Suitable for up to 8 Backyard Hens

1 x Complete Mounting Kit – 2 Heavy Duty Brackets, Screws and a Screw driver bit.




  • A True “NO WASTE FEEDER – A statement not made lightly. Our products, ensure that wasted feed is a thing of the past! (A result of thousands of hours of real world testing).
  • Unique, patent pending, commercial silo inspired feed delivery method. A vertical divider controls sideways thrashing and a horizontal paddle prevents birds from raking out the feed. The depth of feed is adjustable. This is very beneficial with some feed types.
  • No glue used – All parts of our Chicken Feeders and Drinkers snap together and are completely watertight. No ‘third party’ accessories, screws or silicone. No moving parts or features that will break, corrode or rust. No end user assembly required.
  • Moulded hooks 'Patent Pending'. Our feeder has hooks moulded into the body. No rust and no screws = no more potential leak points, parts that may work loose. These super strong hooks are made to suit our “custom” made steel brackets. The hooks work well with all types of wire mesh found on modern chicken coops.
  • Unique, patent pending lid with carry handle. No struggling to carry the feeder or Drinker with two hands. Our one of a kind design facilitates easy coop to feed storage handling. The handle is both ergonomic and super strong.
  • Patent pending gutter system. Over 100 hours were spent designing and testing this feature. Trial and error with a garden hose and tropical storms have resulted in a system that renders our bolt on Storm Cover redundant in most installations. Our extreme weather protection cover is still available if desired.
  • Made from long life PVC. Guaranteed to outlast any other feeder on the market
  • Heavy-duty steel brackets. Made to fit the poultry feeder and waterer perfectly.
  • If you think you need a treadle feeder that holds 10-20kg of feed? Think again! BY eliminating 100% of waste our smallest feeder keeps our 7 chickens happy for 4 days. An average family will keep 4-5 Chickens. One Dine a Chook Feeder means at least one week of hassle free feeding!