Dine a Chook Diatomaceous Earth

Dine a Chook Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an essential natural remedy for the chicken coop or bird cage. Get diatomaceous earth for chickens and fight lice and mites without poison. DE is recommended by natural poultry keepers everywhere.

Diatomaceous Earth (4 kg) - Bird and Poultry Grade Details:

  • Completely natural
  • Coarse ground for safe use around the chicken coop or bird cage
  • Safe for animal use
  • A 4 kg bag that will last for months in the chicken coop
  • An effective, natural insecticide
  • Also suitable for use in the garden

A 100 % natural product

Diatomaceous earth is made from a naturally occurring sedimentary rock. This soft rock is made from the fossilised remains of algae, known as diatoms. The crystalline silica in these particles (not amorphous silica) has sharp, abrasive edges that makes it useful for cleaning, desiccating and as a natural insecticide. Food grade diatomaceous earth is recognised as safe for human consumption whereas coarse grade DE like this one is recommended for the chicken coop. 

A chemical-free insecticide

Diatomaceous earth is a natural insecticide that works by absorbing the oils and fats in an insect's body, desiccating it. DE also has sharp edges which help cut into the exoskeleton. Natural products such as DE are preferred because they are organic and better for the environment. Diatomaceous earth is effective against a large amount of insects including mites, lice, slugs, snails, ants and other garden pests and chicken coop pests. It should never be used indiscriminately, such as on flowers or plants, as it can harm beneficial insects. 

Prevent disease in the chicken coop

Lice and mites weaken birds and spread common illnesses as they move between your chickens, or from wild birds into your coop. Diatomaceous earth can be an effective control for lice and mites, preventing other diseases in your flock. 

How to use diatomaceous earth for chickens

Natural chicken keepers use diatomaceous earth for:

  • Treating lice and mites, by adding DE to the dust bath or dusting birds 
  • Killing insects in the chicken coop, by sprinkling it around problem areas such as cracks where mites and lice may hide or breed
  • Reducing the smell of chicken droppings

Coarse grade DE is also suitable for use in the garden to combat slugs and snails or to add silica to the soil.

Use diatomaceous earth to combat small hive beetle in your bee hive

DE is recommended as a natural insecticide to combat the small hive beetle. It is perfect for use in small hive beetle traps inside the bee hive and keeps the hive chemical-free. It is easier to use than oil or other liquids, and is an effective hive beetle killer. DE should only be used where it cannot come into contact with bees, for example in small hive beetle traps.


Always read the product label and follow directions carefully.

This grade of diatomaceous earth is not safe for human consumption. Although the coarse particles are less likely to cause problems than finer DE, all powders can be damaging if inhaled. Always wear a mask, so you don't breathe in the dust, and wear gloves when handling DE. Be careful when sprinkling it around the chicken coop to ensure birds don't inhale it.