Classic Hen Mix from Seedhouse Tasmania

  • $29.95

Classic Layer Mix 20 kg from Seedhouse Tasmania
17% protein 
Crushed grain

Why choose Seedhouse feed over pellets or straight grain?


  • Pellets are highly processed and move too quickly through the chicken’s digestive system to enable optimal nutrient conversion of the feed.
  • Pellets also lack a range particle size and texture, which is needed for the chicken’s gizzard to function at its best. Poor gizzard function leads to reduced acid production in the chicken’s digestive system, sub-optimal feed conversion and poor gut health, often seen in chickens having “loose” droppings.
  • Although some whole grain content in feed is beneficial to gut health, straight whole grain feeds often lack essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They can also lead to an incomplete diet for the entire flock as the dominent birds will tend to get the best grains first.


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