Abacus by Nino's Java

  • $59.95

Let’s count, forage and play together. I’m mental and physical exercise all rolled into one. The Java wood, nickel plated chain and quick-link make the ABACUS tough. RE-USE the components and re-create your own bird toy.
  • Nino’s Java is SUSTAINABLY hand crafted from plantation trees
  • The fun grows with the addition of other natural materials.
  • Designed by nature with minimal interference from hand crafting means that every single piece of Nino’s Java is unique
  • The wood performs under the toughest of conditions due its combination of density, hardness and elasticity.
  • Nino’s Java is super resistant to damage, dirt and decay.
  • All NEW design, sisal rope replaces with nickel plated chain for even longer lasting fun!
Approx. Dimensions
60cm (H)  x 40cm (W)