Barastoc Premium Top Layer Mash 20kg

Barastoc Premium Top Layer Mash 20kg

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20kg size NOT AVAILABLE ON AFTERPAY - NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING (Available in store pick up and click and collect locker collection only) 

- laying hens in a commercial flock. Also suitable for a home flock where high performance is required.

Can be fed dry or mixed with hot water to make a warm mash 

- Complete and nutritionally balanced to support egg production and health of laying hens.
- Formulated to provide balanced levels of amino acids important for high levels of performance.
- Formulated to provide balanced levels of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals, including calcium.
- Suited to a wide range of layer-type breeds.
- A blend of crushed grains.

Ensure birds have continuous access to feed - do not restrict feed consumption.
Avoid overfeeding by ensuring adequate feeding space for all birds.
Appropriate feed consumption is 115 to 125 grams per bird each day for mature full size hens.
Green scraps, pasture and hay may be fed in small amounts.
Ensure hens have access to clean, fresh water at all times.

Crude Protein (minimum) - 16.5%
Crude Fat (minimum) - 2.5%
Crude Fibre (maximum) - 6%
Salt (maximum added) - 0.3%
Copper (added) - 8.0mg/kg
Selenium (added) - 0.3mg/kg
Calcium (minimum) - 3.6%