Pine Shavings - Dust Extracted Superior

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Our baled pine woodshavings are suitable for use as a bedding litter in horse stables, chicken nests and sheds, calf sheds and other types of animal enclosures. Our standard bale weighs approximately 14kg and provides approximately 0.18 cubic metres of uncompressed volume.


  • Kiln dried for better absorbency: The woodshavings are a by-product from the timber milling process and have been kiln dried to achieve a moisture content of between 8% and 13%.
  • All-natural product: The shavings are all natural and free of any chemical additives.
  • Screened & Dust Extracted: All shavings go through a screening process to remove the smaller particles and sawdust, thus providing very good absorbency.
  • Clean & hygienic: As we are located onsite with a timber mill, the shavings are transferred directly from the timber milling process into our baling equipment. This eliminates the use of trailers and by doing so eliminates risk of contaminants in our shavings.