Canopy Net Medium Short

  • $269.95

This canopy net is 90 x 90cm with 3/4″ rope which is just under 2cm thick and each square is 12.5cm.,with 4 rings for easy hanging on this fabulous canopy that is finally back on the market after several years. 

These are really high quality cargo nets that are great for aviaries, large cages and play areas. They promote activity and climbing. By hanging favourite chewing and foraging toys in different areas accessible by the net, you will encourage your bird to exercise and practice balancing. You can also thread branches of leaves and seed pods through the openings of the net, presented as a lovely bouquet to your lucky parrot! Lastly, by hanging more toys and boings below the net, you can turn the whole thing into a wonderful play area!

Super heavy duty that are built to last for small to large birds