Chicken Saddles - Leather - Three Sizes

  • $8.95

***Unfortunately the supplier that has been making our chicken saddles has now ceased business due to covid related issues and we can no longer source these products once sold out **

Chicken saddles provide warmth and protection from roosters spurs during mating season...Our saddles are made from quality soft local leather and provide extra protection while allowing your hens feathers to regrow as needed...The saddles also prevent unwanted henpecking reducing stress..

These saddles are suited to most average size domestic fowl. 

SMALL: Ideal for bantams

*SOLD OUT * MEDIUM: Perfect for Houdans, Rhode Island Reds, most backyard layers and polish breeds to name a few.

*SOLD OUT * LARGE: These large protectors are extra long and just a little wider and perfect for all those large breed fowl..such as Orpingtons, Brahmas and large breeds