Horizontal/Side Mount Poultry Nipple Drinkers

  • $28.95

  • Leak free, drip free design
  • Suitable for young chicks from 10 days of age
  • NO HANGING NECESSARY as this unique design allows buckets and containers to rest on the ground or on stand
  • Fast and easy installation with any 9.5mm drill bit
  • Installation tool available (extra charges apply)
  • ORIGINAL DESIGN- Columbus Aqua nipples are the ORIGINAL poultry nipple made in Europe. Recently there are many other nipples available which copied the Columbus Aqua design. Make sure the nipples you receive say Columbus Aqua on the back.
  • CLEAN, HEALTHY WATER- Poultry nipples keep water perfectly clean with no algae, dirt or droppings
  • FEWER WATER CHANGES- Can be used on any food grade container such as juice bottles, 5 gallon buckets, or 55 gallon drums.

No drip nipple

Traditional, vertical poultry nipples that are mounted on the bottom of a drinker container, hold water inside the nipple and work with gravitational pull. Often these don't shut off properly and backyard chickens owners have a dripping mess inside their chicken coop.

These revolutionary horizontal nipples are spring loaded and are activated when the chickens’ pecking wobbles the spring. This then releases drops of water into the chicken’s beak or into the small molded drip guard beneath the nipple. 

Do not freeze

As no water is stored in the nipple even when your bucket or drinker is full of water, they won't freeze during the winter. This means that those in a very cold climates can use a submersible water heater in their drinker set up and know that the chickens will still be able to gain access to their water source, unlike vertical nipples.

Chicken Training

To get chickens to start using these drinkers, tap on the stainless steel part of the nipple to allow a small amount of water to fill the drip guard so the chickens can see and smell the water. For those chickens whom have a difficult time locating the water, just put a bit of chicken feed onto the nipple so they are attracted to it and start to peck around. When the water comes out, they soon get the idea! It's important to take out other drinkers so they are not tempted to go back to their old setup.


To install these into a bucket or alternative drinker set up, you'll need a 3/8 drill bit. No thread is necessary, as the nipples are designed to be screwed in by hand and will be water-tight.

for a video on installation of the Horizontal Mount Nipples, please see this YouTube Video on Installation 


Nipples are not limited to use with chickens. They may be used with other poultry and fowl such as guinea fowl, ducks, quail, peafowl, turkey, etc.. Although waterfowl can use these nipples, they should also have a water source deep enough to submerge their nostrils.

Although nipples allow for large capacity waterers that require less fillings, be sure to clean their water containers weekly. Water left in the container too long is subject to algae growth.

Our Columbus Aqua nipples are made of BPA free, food grade HDPE plastic and premium stainless steel, with an operating range of -1 degree Celcius to 80 degrees Celcius. They are safe for use with Apple Cider Vinegar, Oregano oil, electrolyte mixes, water based medications, etc.