Dine a Chook Automatic Waterer 2 Outlet

  • $199.95

Automatic Waterer for Chickens - Dine a Chook

The ingenious Dine a Chook Automatic chicken waterer is the ultimate hydration system available in the market today. This new and fully automatic drinking system is ideal for birds, such as chickens, pheasants, guinea fowls, adult quails and pigeons. 

Dine a Chook Combines Simplicity With Outstanding Quality

The new range of Dine a Chook Poultry Drinkers is built to perfection and extremely easy to install and maintain. If you are looking for a hassle-free and top-quality automatic chicken drinker or chook waterer, look no further than the Dine a Chook system. 

What Sets Dine a Chook Apart?

The high performing Wet-a-Chook features only the best possible components and is compatible with a mains pressure water supply or large water tank supply. These commercial grade chicken waterers for backyard chooks are a top investment, one that will ensure that your beloved birds are hydrated, all year around. All of the outlet assemblies are made of the highest quality PVC. The black container, which comes with the system, prevents moulding, a problem that is increasingly common with clear water containers. The unit is best placed in a nicely shaded spot that is free of direct sunlight to prevent water heating. With a solid construction and weather-resistant materials, this system is sure to last for a long time. 

What’s Included With Your Twin Cup Automatic Dine a Chook?

The innovative Dine a Chook system comes with well-designed components that work in perfect unison to provide your birds with a continuous supply of clean water. 

  • One commercial grade lubing mains pressure tank with a genuine lubing ball valve
  • Two Commercial Quality, German made Lubing Cups. With an important cup upgrade. Pre-Fitted to our quality outlet frame.
  • One custom-made aluminium support bracket designed and built for especially for the unit
  • One brass 13mm hose inlet and stainless-steel hose clamp

The exclusive lubing tank and valve are made in Germany. The pre-installed bracket is fitted with 3/16 stainless-steel bolts and washers and comes with a 100 percent leak-free guarantee. In addition, mounting kits for timber, concrete or steel are also available. We also offer a free two-year guarantee. Some conditions might apply.

Enjoy The Sanity That Comes From Dine a Chook Drinking Systems

You will never have to worry again about replenishing your birds’ water supply. Purchase your own Automatic Dine a Chook today, and unleash the peace of mind from knowing that your birds are well taken care of.