Dine a Chook Single Cup Outlet Drinker NEW STYLE!

  • $34.95

Single Outlet Lubing Cup Drinker Assembly

This quality drinker is suitable for hydrating 6-8 birds. Ready to install in a 10, 15 or 20 Litre Drum

Investing in this single outlet drinker is an investment in your poultry's well-being and ongoing fresh water requirements.



  • Top Quality PVC Fittings - Patent Pending Design

  • High Quality German made Cup - This genuine 'Lubing' Cup is the best money can buy. It also features our 'Exclusive' upgraded floats

  • 3/4" Male BSP Thread - 99% of drums on the market have this thread. You may need to drill out the bung hole on your drum before installing this fitting


Once deployed, this system is virtually hands-free - the only need is to refill the water container with fresh water as the levels decrease.