Dine a Chook Twin Cup Outlet with Extension

  • $64.95

Double Outlet Lubing Cup Drinker with Extension

This extended version of the popular two outlet drinker has an extended piece that allows your drum to sit outside the coop and the drinker outlet to be inside - making it easy to fill with your hose!

All New and Exclusive to Dine a Chook. This top quality, Australian designed drinker is part of our NEW Modular Series.

Featuring our Exclusive upgraded Lubing cups, this system promises to be one of the best investments that you make for your chickens Hydration needs.

This quality drinker is suitable for hydrating 15 – 25 birds in a backyard environment. Ready to install in a 10, 15 or 20 Litre Drum


Top Quality PVC Fittings - Fittings will last a lifetime. They are permanently glued with high grade PVC cement and will never leak. This assembly is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!  

Commercial Grade Lubing Cup – With our new 100% Aussie made upgraded float system. Developed specifically for the needs of backyard chickens. Unlike any other system on the market!

3/4" Male BSP Thread - 99% of drums on the market have this thread. You may need to drill out the bung hole on your drum before installing this fitting

Once deployed, this system is virtually hands-free - the only need is to refill the water container with fresh water as the levels decrease.

To keep the unit clean – Hose Directly into the cup every 2 weeks. You will not damage the cup.