Eclectus Parrots - A Complete Pet Owners Manual

Eclectus Parrots - A Complete Pet Owners Manual

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Eclectus Parrots - A Complete Pet Owners Manual

By Katy McElroy

Soft Cover, 96 pages


Native to Indonesia and New Guinea, these handsome birds require a high-fibre diet with lots of fruit and greens. Advice on purchasing an Eclectus, including planning for their space requirements, cage location, outfitting the cage and travel carriers are poignant.

Proper nutrition and feeding includes detail on diet, sprouting and cooking foods for your bird, supplements and foods to avoid.
Health and wellbeing, care and grooming detail wing-trimming and nail clipping, bathing your pet, evaluating health problems and the avian examination under veterinary expertise.

Ensuring your environment is safe is very important and the checklist is helpful in isolating possible harmful objects and materials.

These birds are extremely intelligent and therefore require enrichment and an understanding of their behaviours. The introduction into their personalities aids a better understanding on how to cater for their needs.


Breeding details include nesting behaviour, incubation, hand rearing and the main subspecies kept in aviculture. The final chapter focuses on the species in the wild.


Well illustrated with colour photos and line art, the layout presents easy-to-understand information on pet bird care with a chapter providing a succinct insight into breeding.