Hentopia - Create a Hassle Free Habitat for Happy Chickens

  • $34.95

More eggs, less work! And more enjoyment for both the chickens and their keeper! That's the promise of Frank Hyman's Hentopia. From the Vending Machine Feeder to the Refilling Rainwaterer, Hyman's innovative building projects are designed to save time and money, while keeping chickens safe, healthy, clean, and well-fed. All 21 of the projects for the chicken yard feature easy-to-follow instructions and colourful photos, including creative doorways, nest boxes, fencing, roosts, as well as a predator-proof pen and "Chunnel" chicken run. With a lively, humorous voice, Hyman generously shares his ingenious strategies and expert advice on all aspects of chicken keeping. Requiring no previous carpentry experience and using many salvaged or found materials, Hentopia is within reach of every aspiring chicken-keeper. Colour photographs and illustrations throughout