Living World Pedicure Perch - Various Sizes

  • $19.95

Since the 1970s, Living World has had a passion for caring for small pets and birds - who, in our humble opinion (and probably in Living Worlds opinion, too) deserve just as much love as bigger pets. Their extensive range of products encourages natural behaviour to make your pets feel instinctively comfortable in your home.

This pedicure perch provides a clever way to wear down your bird's nails naturally, without having to resort to manual nail trimming. Made from cement, its non-slip textured surface will safely trim your bird's nails as they move along the perch.

  • Made from cement
  • Easily attaches to most cages
  • Wears down your bird's nails gradually as they move along the perch, reducing the need for manual trimming
  • Safe, textured non-skid surface

Size Guide:
Mini: 11cm
Small: 16cm
Medium: 21cm
Large: 34cm
Extra-Large: 35cm