Multi Branch with Small Toys by Nino's Java

Multi Branch with Small Toys by Nino's Java

  • $59.95

MULTI BRANCH WITH TOYS SMALL – useful and fun – colour, and texture. Very attractive to birds. Most components reuseable. your small to medium bird will enjoy hours of fun on what will become their favourite place to perch in no time! 

Available in three sizes.  This listing is for the small size that suits small to medium birds

Due to being a natural product, these perches vary in size.

  • Keep your parrots feet healthy and comfortable
  • Provide  different perching surfaces, textures, sizes and shapes so your bird won’t suffer from debilitating foot conditions
  • Naturally keeps birds claws trimmed
  • Variablity in the way their feet grip and walk on the perch; using the foot muscles
  • Provides a natural surface to chew and or forgage