Forage Gourmet Bird Seed Small Parrot 5 kg

Forage Gourmet Bird Seed Small Parrot 5 kg

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Birds are instinctive foragers, perfectly attuned to seeking out food in their natural environment. It’s about more than just nutrition - foraging for food keeps wild birds’ minds sharp and stimulates their senses.

Meet Forage. This all-natural range of gourmet birdseed is formulated to keep your bird healthy as well as happy, and each recipe is made from a blend of seeds, nuts, grains, dried fruit and more.

Forage encourages your bird to search for their favourite ingredients, the same way they would in the wild, keeping boredom at bay. It's a rich, balanced diet, designed to help your bird thrive.

  • Australian made and owned
  • Developed in conjunction with avian specialists to provide a balanced diet for your bird
  • A blend of 100% human grade ingredients, including natural seeds, nuts, grains, dried fruit, herbs and veggies
  • Contains all vitamins from A to K
  • Helps prevent worms
  • Boosts your bird’s immune system and promotes healthy digestion
  • Forage recommend mixing things up a little and adding fresh fruit and vegetables to your bird’s food for a complete diet
  • Give your bird the very best. 

  • White French millet, canary seed, grey stripe sunflower seed, safflower, shirohie millet, hulled oats, canola, panorama millet, red pannicum millet, linseed, shell grit, peanuts, banana, coconut, pineapple, green split peas, carrot, currants, apple, lentils, apricot, flaked corn, pepita, split almonds, black sesame, quinoa, buckwheat, chilli, garlic and parsley

Recipe: Small Parrot Mix
Weight: 5kg