Green Valley Grains Canary Seed - Two Sizes!

Green Valley Grains Canary Seed - Two Sizes!

  • $38.95

Put a spring in their step and get ready to ruffle some feathers (but in a good way) with the delicious and nutritious variety of Green Valley Canary Mix. Containing a healthy blend of the all-natural seeds that canaries instinctively prefer, plus a natural boost of nutrition from added oils, this tasty mix is as tasty as it is healthy. 

  • Made from all-natural seed
  • Added oils for extra nutrition

Canola Grain, Hulled Oats, Linseeds, Plain Canary, Pannicum, White French Millet, Vegetable Oil

Available in 10kg, 20kg sizes

20kg size not available with Afterpay + not available with shipping - available: instore shopping, click and collect, instore pick up only)