Peckish Large Bird Natural Greens Treats 200g

  • $8.95

Peckish Large Parrot Natural Greens Treats

Made in Australia from premium local and imported ingredients, Peckish bird foods provide quality nutrition in specialised formulas to suit a wide range of bird species. 

Peckish Large Parrot Natural Greens Treats are a tasty treat for your feathered friend. Ideal for training and enrichment, these treats are made with a blend of real alfalfa, parsley and kale. Not only do they taste delicious, but they provide a valuable source of calcium and antioxidants too!

  • Tasty blend of alfalfa, parsley and kale
  • Valuable source of antioxidants, calcium and protein
  • Suitable for Cockatoos, Galahs and other large parrots
  • Ideal for training and games
  • Feed in moderation as part of a balanced diet