Quails as Pets - A Quail Owners Manual

Quails as Pets - A Quail Owners Manual

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Have you always wanted to buy Quail, either for companionship or as a profitable venture, but didn't have enough information on how to acquire or raise them? If yes, then this book has been especially written for you! Quail may be small in size, but are easy to domesticate and care for if given the right kind of environment, attention and know-how. Quail can make for interesting and viable long-term pets. While tiny in size and pleasing in their appearance, as poultry, Quail can assume a variety of roles with ease - from adorning your house as an exhibition bird, to providing meat and eggs that have a high value in the commercial produce trade. 

Through this pet care guide, you will gain access to a plethora of information, tips and advice on the ideal habitat, housing conditions, nutritional requirements and healthcare that pet Quail should be provided with. You will also discover other useful information on the broader implications of owning pet Quail, from social and legal considerations to understanding their mating patterns and interpersonal interactions. Furthermore, you will also gain access into the world of Quail husbandry, with knowledge on how to breed Quail and care for the eggs. If you have any questions or doubts on how to properly care for your Quail, then this book will surely become your handy advisor. 

You will find out what makes these birds unique and sets them apart from other poultry and livestock breeds. You will learning how to forge a lifelong and rewarding relationship with your Quail. This book covers all the relevant aspects of acquiring and caring for pet Quail, discussing such topics as: 

- Behaviour patterns

- Best breeds for ownership 

- Caring for young Quail 

- Common illnesses and corresponding actions and precautions 

- Different varieties

- Electronic tagging for your Quail 

- Food Grooming 

- Healthcare Housing

- Insuring your Quail 

- Interacting with your Quail 

- Price and methods of acquiring Quail 

- Selecting your Quail Shopping checklists 

- Understanding your Quail ....and much more!