Scream Bird Bungee Rope - Four Great Sizes!

  • $14.99

This colourful Bird Bungee Rope Screams fun and gives your bird the freedom to do that at home! Promote healthy activity for birds with this multi-coloured, sturdy cotton Poly-Rope Bungee swing. Each Bungee has a nickel plated Liberty Bell on the end, and a clip on the other for easy hanging. Available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of bird breeds.

**Note: This product is suited to supervised out of cage play, as we do not recommend unsupervised play.  This product is not suitable for birds that chew. Ingestion of cotton can cause fatalities, please monitor use carefully*** 

Small - 1.3 x 112cm 
Medium - 1.6 x 122cm 
Large - 2 x 213cm 
Xtra Large - 3 x 229cm