Snuggle Pal Bird Hut - Large (Five Colours)

  • $29.95

Product Description
The Snuggle Pals Bird Hide is a cosy tent-like hideaway for your feathered friend and designed to provide a place for your bird to feel safe, secure and warm. This hideaway has a sturdy base to help maintain the shape and provide a safe platform for your bird to hide, play and sleep. Use the attached hooks to have the Bird Hide in a suitable position within the cage.

WARNING: Ingestion of fabric can be FATAL to your bird.  DO NOT allow birds to chew or ingest fabric or cotton rope.  For birds cockatiel or larger,  we strongly recommend removing the current clips on this product and  replacing with pear links or wide mouth links as beaks can be caught in clips provided by the supplier on this product  when used for larger birds.

Some birds will happily use a tent for comfort and not chew the fabric.  Ingestion of fabric can become fatal to your bird, and any signs of chewing the hut should be removed from your bird immediately.

Large Size: 22H x 17W x 30D)

Also available in Medium and Small