Vetafarm Aviclens

Vetafarm Aviclens

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Keeps drinking water sparkling clean fresh and safe. Aviclens takes up the fight against the "Grunge Syndrome". Improving the water quality of animals is a well recognized method of improving production (eggs or young) and reducing the death rate.
Clean,safe water is critical to the long-term health of all animals. When used regularly, Aviclens reduces the work involved with cleaning water containers. Does not negatively affect normal gut flora.
Recommended for: All birds where contaminated or slimy drinking water containers are an issue.

Can be used with: Aviclens is safe to use with any in water supplement, but not suitable for mixing with parasite controls, antibiotics or probiotics.
Directions: Add 5mL of Aviclens per 10L drinking water. Change water after 1-2 days in warm weather and 3-4 days in cooler temperatures. Aviclens should also be used in the water when soaking or sprouting seed. Soak seeds for us to 24 hours.
Active Constituent: Chlorhexidine Gluconate 10mg/mL


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