Vetafarm Crittacare 450g

Vetafarm Crittacare 450g

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Nutritional support for sick and injured Birds.

Powdered emergency food used to aid in the recovery of sick or injured birds. Critta Care Avian should be used whenever any bird is not eating voluntarily. 

Key Features:Provides highly digestible nutritional support for sick, stressed and injured birds. Extrusion cooked for safety and digestibility. Includes vitamins, minerals, calcium and essential amino acids. Includes Probotic to support the establishment of healthy gut flora and pre-digestives to further support struggling digestive systems. Can be force-fed using a crop needle or feeding spoon. 

Recommended for: Sick, stressed or injured birds 

Reconstitute the food by slowly adding hot water and mixing with a fork. 
Mix until the formula will just drip from the prongs of the fork. Ensure that the formula is fed as 30-36°C.
Can be force fed using a crop needle or feeding spoon.
Critta Care Avian should be fed until the bird has resumed normal feeding.