Vetsense Coop Clean 500ml

Vetsense Coop Clean 500ml

  • $24.95

Odour Remover & Sanitizer for Coops & Aviaries.

VETSENSE COOP Clean is a ready-to-use spray formulated to remove unwanted odours as well acting as a sanitiser for general use in and around poultry coops and bird aviaries.

Directions of Use
Firstly remove your chickens and/or birds from their environment. With gloves on, take all the removable items such as feeders, drinkers, perches and nesting boxes out of the enclosure and put to one side. Remove all contaminated bedding and debris (faeces, old food, dust, cobwebs etc.) from their environment.

Once all of the above is removed, spray COOP Clean on all surfaces, wipe off with a damp cloth or paper towel and then rinse with water to remove remaining residue. Once dry, add fresh bedding to designated areas and make sure all removed items are clean before putting them back into place.

- Use boiling water to rinse off COOP Clean.
- For stubborn stains, spray COOP Clean on affected area, let it rest for 1-2 minutes then scrub off with a coarse brush then rinse using boiling water.
- Apply COOP Clean to drinkers, feeders and nesting boxes then rinse with boiling water and dry before putting back into enclosure.
- For chicken coops, we recommend cleaning first thing in the morning once the hens leave the enclosure that way there is less stress on the birds and the coop has a good amount of time to dry during the day.